VALET TAN gives clients an experience that is unforgettable. A transformative time transpires as the airbrush sweeps across your skin, revealing the natural bronze color that your body brings to light. You’re the sculpture. You’re the radiant being that shines inside and out. You’re more than a beach bum. You’re a graceful swan who knows how to have fun, get down, and get bright. Whether you’re looking for a light tone for a night out dressed in white, or you’re getting ready for a film shoot and need to be as dark as George Hamilton, VALET TAN has the magic for you.



Started up in 2012 on South Beach, amassing a satisfied clientele who can’t stop coming back for more. Owner Falen Angel Whipple’s infectious personality bubbles up and over, spreading her expertise lavishly across your most prized possession – your beautiful skin! Fay, as her friends and clientele call her, has perfected the technique that she learnt years ago back in her hometown New York City. Apprenticing at one of the most active spray tanners in the city, she learned, through trial and error, what the perfect products were, to attend to her client’s needs. Arriving at the organic product that eliminates those malodorous spray tan smells, VALET TAN takes clients through a sanitized, hygienic process that leaves them joyful and wholesome. No post tanning streaks allowed in the VALET TAN Emporium! The results are long lasting, and as anyone who has been on the receiving end of Fay’s magic wand can attest, her spirit and exuberance for life lingers even longer than the tan.